Recipient of International School Award (ISA) by the British Council of India (BCL, New Delhi)
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Kendriya Vidyalaya No. 2, DC is a school with a difference. The differences are so unique that it would be worth mentioning. KV No.2 has the distinction of being the largest KV in India regards to its size and the number of students. It is a constant challenge to keep ahead of the demands that arise out of the large number. It has all the educational streams with its sound faculties running in 98 rooms.
To develop the scientific temperament of the students, the Vidyalaya has well-equipped labs for Physics, Chemistry and Biology to assist the young Einstein. Exhibitions organized by the Science Department give ample opportunities to develop their scientific temper. Various projects related to Environment, Energy, Transport, Health and Technology, Agriculture, AIDS and Blood Circulation were prepared and exhibited by our students at KVS Regional and National Level Exhibition. All the labs are well- equipped with modern microscopes, OHP, slide projector, Projection microscope, Gas pipeline fittings, preserved specimens, and charts explaining the details related to models to improve teaching learning process.
KV No.2, Delhi Cantt. - Facilities : Biology Laboratory - Click to Enlarge
Two experienced devoted PGT's are training the students and handling every aspect scientifically. One lab attendant is also a part of the faculty to assist. Various activities related to inculcate Biological temperament.

- Case studies & interpretation on career AIDS.
- Drug Abuse
- Analytical studies on various prominent inherited traits in humans.
- Analytical studies on sleeping habits in humans.
- A project on Hepatitis B, Tuberculosis, Typhoid etc. by case studies.
- Biological waste management.
KV No.2, Delhi Cantt. - Facilities : Chemistry Laboratory - Click to Enlarge
Chemistry Department of the school is spacious, and well equipped; where students work indigenously and diligently they carry out various investigating projects under the able guidance of experienced and dedicated teachers. Two of its exhibits-based on alternative sources of energy – CNG as a fuel, Thorium for nuclear reactions, were selected at cluster Level and were appreciated by the E.O., K.V.S, Delhi Region. Amount of caffeine in different tea leaves, ph value of cold drinks & the chemicals present in them etc.
KV No.2, Delhi Cantt. - Facilities : Physics Laboratory - Click to Enlarge
Physics Department of the Vidyalaya is functioning with well equipped laboratory, highly qualified and experienced staff running a mini library in the laboratory for the benefits of students. The result of AISSCE - 2007 is 100% with quality. The department has actively taken part in organizing a science Exhibition in which around 200 science. Exhibits were displayed. One exhibit “Theft detector" was found extraordinary.
KV No.2, Delhi Cantt. - Facilities : Childrens Science Park - Click to Enlarge KV No.2, Delhi Cantt. - Facilities : Childrens Science Park - Click to Enlarge
The science park has several structures for the easy understanding of Science to experience the scientific world.
KV No.2, Delhi Cantt. - Facilities : Junior Science Laboratory - Click to Enlarge
Junior Science Lab. builds the scientific temper at the young and tender age. It has an overhead projector, slide projector, specimens, charts and CDs. Lessons are explained performing experiments, using overhead projectors and as computer lesson. There is also a well-developed telescope in the Sr. Science Lab made by students of the Vidyalaya with the help of Nehru Planetarium. Night sky watching and rare celestial phenomena are observed with the help of telescope.

Thus Jr. Science Lab helps in providing an audio and visual stimuli encouraging young scientists and astronomers.
KV No.2, Delhi Cantt. - Facilities : Computer Department - Click to Enlarge KV No.2, Delhi Cantt. - Facilities : Computer Department - Click to Enlarge KV No.2, Delhi Cantt. - Facilities : Computer Department - Click to Enlarge
The school is also a pioneer in getting the computers in classrooms. The primary and secondary sections alike access the global websites extensively, utilizing study material and other innovative ideas for enhanced teaching and efficiency. As the part of Microsoft project - Shiksha all the teachers of KV No. 2 Delhi Cantt are competent to teach their subjects through computers. The Vidyalaya has four computer labs with competent staff to train the budding techies in the usage of computers and Internet.

The acquisition of an L. C. D. projector has enabled the teachers to make and use innovative projects to teach the entire class at a time, using computers.
Language teachers use audiocassettes, lingua-phones and computer generated learning material to facilitate language learning. The e-Macmillian site and worksheets enable students to pace their language learning and break the monotony of mere books. Special classes are conducted to improve English communication skills of the students. During the Hindi Saptah celebration, talks on importance of Hindi as a National language along with KaviSammelan, Debates and special assemblies are conducted.
English Dept. of K. V. No. 2 Delhi Cantt. is a united and dynamic one with teachers brimming with new visions and ideas, which they believe in sharing with each other. In this active exchange new methodologies of imparting knowledge come to the fore. There has been intensive use of Modern Technology in the process of teaching and learning such as application of Lingua-phones to improve listening and speaking skills of the students.

Lessons are prepared on various topics and stored in C. Ds and imparted successfully by the aid of LCD projectors. Information from various websites is downloaded to encourage assimilation of additional information and knowledge among the students extra learning among the students.

The students have subscribed to the Times of India and The Hindustan Times and participate in various activities and competitions organized by NIE & PACE.

A resource cupboard containing all relevant Study material, Worksheets & Question Banks developed by teachers and exemplary projects prepared by previous years students is open for all the teachers to utilize.

Class magazines (monthly), various competitions like essay writing, debates extempore, recitation, declamation and Book reviews enhance their language proficiency.
For the development and promotion of Hindi the teachers have undertaken following steps which stimulates interest in Hindi language and its literature.

To promote the skills of language namely, listening, speaking, reading and writing; the activities like extempore; essay writing and Hindi recitation competition were organized.

To develop student’s colloquial Hindi language and standard Hindi language, the students are given enough opportunities to give welcome speeches, and thanks giving speeches and also to anchor various programmes.

Calligraphy and paragraph writing competition give way to the development of correct and standard language and of course beautiful presentations of their written work.
Sanskrit is the parent language of many more languages. Teaching the scripts of 'Vedas' and 'Puranas' inculcates moral values among the students and makes them good citizens.

Study & Result : Sanskrit is being taught from Sixth to Eighth standard as a main subject. In classes IX and X it is optional.

Audio – Visual Aid : Self made slides are used on over head projectors and cassettes prepared by Rashtriya Sanskrit Sansthan Delhi and PallavPrakashanBanglore, Karnataka are used in the classes to develop their colloquial skills in Sanskrit.

Projects : Many projects are being undertaken at class levels e.g. Suffix selection, Sandhi, Sanskrit Vangmaya Parichayika Shrankhla.

Special Activities : To create Sanskrit environment in the Vidyalaya, the teachers emphasize on Sanskrit speaking and they organize Sanskrit Samvadshala.
The qualified and competent Maths teachers have reinforced learning through activities by developing a Maths lab. They have managed to achieve 99.3% result in the CBSE exams 2007 in class X and 99.5% in class XII.

A Botanical garden in the shape of mathematical figures has also been developed under the guidance of the Maths teachers.
KV No.2, Delhi Cantt. - Facilities : Maths Garden - Click to Enlarge
Shapes that help overcome the fear of Maths.
The Economic, History and Geography stream have acquired a prestigious place in KV Delhi region Extensive use of teaching aids in the classroom including the OHP, Projector, Maps and Globes and LCD. Outside the classrooms too their evaluated status lies in their innumerable accomplishments and achievements.

At the Social Science exhibition 5 models were chosen at the Regional level.

Youth Parliament - The youth parliament was one of the amazing activities which brought laurels to our school. The school stood 2nd at Regional Level. Three speakers were chosen as best speakers for their content and oration ability.
SUPW department is one of the most productive and innovative departments. It is gaining momentum in many spheres and providing a platform for the students to develop vocational skills. Ample exposure is given to the students. The teacher too gains more and more experience with expansion of the subject.
KV No.2, Delhi Cantt. - Facilities : Library - Click to Enlarge KV No.2, Delhi Cantt. - Facilities : Library - Click to Enlarge
Since its inception, the library has stocked a collection of 30,000 books 30 Journals in English and Hits. It is a good computerized reservoir of knowledge having a collection of over 12,347 volumes of books covering all aspects of life. It is subscribing to more than 32 periodicals and journals and 10 Newspapers to keep the students abreast with the current affairs, science and technology.

The Library has a well-maintained computerized database of the holdings of the Library besides services like OPAC, Issue/Returns. It has access to the Internet for providing information and necessary study and reference materials for the teachers and the students.

This library is supported by the collection of a small library in the primary section having a collection of over 2,500 volumes of book&15 periodicals exclusively for the primary students.
KV No.2, Delhi Cantt. - Facilities : Hospitality Department - Click to Enlarge
Hospitality Management course has already been started from this session. Students show keen interest and enjoy the course. All possible facilities have been provided.
KV No.2, Delhi Cantt. - Facilities : Special Education Laboratory - Click to Enlarge
- To enhance the education in special children special educator has been appointed.

- Separate room with all required facilities has been setup to facilitate their learning.

- Special programmes like sports and other such activities are being organised to promote their development.
The school organizes Morning Assembly in Sanskrit on every Thursday Command, Pledge, Thought, New and special activities are conducted in Sanskrit competition are being organized in Selection of Thoughts, Shlokas Recitation and Debate competition at school level. The students have contributed numerous articles for the Sanskrit section in the Vidyalaya magazine.
Drawing, Music, Dancing, Pottery, Craft work

Children also imbibe computer technology by the effective use of computers while making power point presentation on :
- Health & Nutrition.
- Environment (Various Aspects).
- Handicrafts like (Tie & Dye, Batik)

Learning through doing, group activity and interaction are encouraged while making projects like embossed painting, sand painting for school display. Paintings on 'Indian culture' won the heart of many visitors and also made a sizeable impact on children. Their creatively came to the fore.

Block printing, an art of Rajasthan has found its presence on pieces of fabric decorating the Vidyalaya on occasions.

Before each festival, group discussion at various levels in the school sensitizes children to form a healthy attitudes towards to its celebration. ‘Rangoli’ with natural kitchen ingredients is enjoyable and harmless. 'Colours’ from nature make Holi memorable.
AUDIO VISUAL CENTRE : The Audio Visual Room is a valuable asset of this Vidyalaya. It is equipped with LCDs, overhead projectors, slide projectors, television, videocassette players &cassette players. These provide audio and visual stimuli to aid learning.

We have also acquired a central P. A. System for smooth and swift dissemination of information.

ISOGRAPH : An Isograph for reproduction of written material has speeded up paper work.

REGULAR WORKSHOPS, seminars and in-service courses help the teachers to keep abreast of the latest developments in their fields.

PARENT TEACHERS MEETINGS : Regular Parent Teachers Meetings and Subject Committee meeting are held and carefully monitored.

Every child comes with the message that God is yet not despaired of man” - Ravindranath Tagore.

CHILD-CENTERED APPROACH : The primary section aims at following a child-centered approach. The colorful classrooms and activity-oriented teaching help make learning fun. Each teacher aims at helping the students to develop their potential and skills to their fullest in academic, spiritual, creative and social fields. It is certainly a fun to be a child here.

WORKSHOPS FOR THE PERSONALITY DEVELOPMENT : The Vidyalaya holds workshops for the preparation of the resources for the strengthening of Primary Education. In the primary classes, emphasis is given on an overall development of the personality of the child.

ACTIVITY BASED TEACHING : Our day starts with prayer, yoga, community singing and exercise. The quality of patriotism, unity, belongingness, togetherness, self esteem, discipline and love for school, city and country are inculcated among students. To create ‘Green and Clean India' ’Say No to Plastics” and “Plant more Trees” like slogans are practiced. Extra coaching is given to children, who are very weak in certain areas.

HUGE PLAYGROUNDS : Huge playgrounds make the playtime interesting and enjoyable for children. During vacations, children are grouped according to their interest in a game and trained in that particular game.

COMPETITIONS : There are competitions in various activities like recitation, story telling, dance group songs, skit, flower arrangements, board decoration. We all know that Kendriya Vidyalaya is an example of Unity in Diversity. Children celebrate Id, Diwali, Guru Parav, Children's Day and Christmas with love, enthusiasm and great pride. That gives them the feeling of oneness, belongingness and above all Indian ness.

COMMITTEES : Committees are formed in different subjects where group of teachers have a meeting and discuss ‘ how to motivate the children for learning of various subjects’ and find ways to make the learning of the subject interesting and enjoyable.

Teachers attend in-service courses, workshops and learn the new methods of teaching. Children are taught to live in a healthy and friendly environment.

MATHS LAB : Maths laboratory is functional and the resource room will be developed shortly. Children of primary wing go on excursion to fields, parks, museums and exhibition.
KV No.2, Delhi Cantt. - Facilities : Medical Check-Up - Click to Enlarge
Medical checkup is done regularly and parents are guided regarding the health problems of their children. "Let each child be happy and healthy", is the motto of the primary section.
KV No.2, Delhi Cantt. - Facilities : Resource Room - Click to Enlarge
The resource room removes a child from a general education classroom. It is part of the placement process and is considered necessary for children who are easily distracted in the general education setting, especially when new information is being introduced.
KV No.2, Delhi Cantt. - Facilities : Harit Vidyalaya - Click to Enlarge
Besides being pleasing to the eye, greenery also contributes to the mental, physical and emotional well-being of students.
KV No.2, Delhi Cantt. - Facilities : Swimming Pool - Click to Enlarge
Swimming Pool of the vidyalaya has a 25m x 17m Water area, 42m x 32m Swimming area and 2 dressing rooms (1 for boys and 1 for girls).
KV No.2, Delhi Cantt. - Facilities : E-Classrooms - Click to Enlarge KV No.2, Delhi Cantt. - Facilities : E-Classrooms - Click to Enlarge
It is important to acknowledge that students are already interested and engaged in using technology. An E classroom creates many amazing opportunities for schools and teachers to benefit from integrating some forms of technology in the classroom and to make teaching and learning more effective.
KV No.2, Delhi Cantt. - Facilities : Sports Facilities - Click to Enlarge
KV No. 2 Delhi Cantt has the facilities for several sports like Gym, Volleyball, Basketball, Handball, Badminton, Cricket, Table Tennis, Football, Rope Skipping. Boys and Girls Participate in higher levels of KVS Sports and other tournaments.