Recipient of International School Award (ISA) by the British Council of India (BCL, New Delhi)
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Anti - Cracker Drive
KV No. 2, Delhi Cantt. : Anti - Cracker DriveStudents of KV No. 2, Delhi Cantt. campaigned to raise awareness about the harmful effects of crackers during the Diwali festival.

Using slogans, written on placards, they addressed the staff and the students during the morning assembly before rallying in the neighbouring areas for the same.

Christmas Celebrations in Good Spirits
KV No. 2, Delhi Cantt. - Christmas Celebrations in Good SpiritsThe message of universal love and brotherhood spread with students of junior classes enacting the birth of Lord Christ in Bethelehem.

Activity Based Teaching
KV No. 2, Delhi Cantt. : Activity Based TeachingWith the aim of making teaching-learning a experience for the teacher and the taught, focus in the primary classrooms is on activities incorporated with the regular teaching.

Innovative Projects in Mathematical Lab
KV No. 2, Delhi Cantt. - Innovative Projects in Mathematical LabStudents of the Vidyalaya have contributed in developing the mathematical lab, by creating new and useful Maths projects.

The fear of Maths no longer exists and attending a Maths class has become a joyful experience.

Mathematical Garden
KV No. 2, Delhi Cantt. : Mathematical GardenThe students of primary classes experiment with stones to create new and creative mathematical shapes for the Maths garden.

The innovation carried under the able observation of teachers, has helped identify many a genius.

Rock Garden Painting
KV No. 2, Delhi Cantt. - Rock Garden PaintingColours and creativity find a place on the rocks of the Vidyalaya as the students of class IX paint the rocks with the myriad hues of the Natural world.

Paper Painting
KV No. 2, Delhi Cantt. : Paper PaintingUnder the guidance and supervision of the drawing teacher, Mr. B. K. Rabha the students splash with their colours and their palettes to create excellent paper paintings.