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S. No. Initiative Class Subject Learning Objective Learning Objective realized or not Name of Teacher in-charge along with Designation
1. Describing Words III English To make children aware about words Yes Mrs. Indoo Dhawan
2. Homonyms V English To make children aware about words having similar pronunciation but different meaning Yes Mrs. Usha Katiyal
3. Young Ones IV E.V.S. To know about the young ones of different animals Yes Mrs. Saroj Yadav
4. Types of Games IV E.V.S. To know about different types of games Yes Mrs. Renu Bala
5. Fractions III Maths To aware the child about different parts of particular figure in form of fraction Yes Mr. Ashok Kumar Sharma
6. School Readiness I E.V.S. To learn develop love and belongingness for the school Yes Mrs. Rajni Vaid
7. Happiness V E.V.S. To learn happiness as desire Yes Mrs. Veena Bakshi
8. Trees III E.V.S. To know about usefulness of trees Yes Mrs. Sunita Yadav
9. Railway Station IV E.V.S. To know the importance of railways Yes Mrs. Saroj Yadav